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Mathematics with teacher Shiena

At the beginning of the lesson, she read the vocabulary words and went through the conversation and documentary. When she finished reading each sentence, the students repeated. Then, she reviewed the previous lesson and presented today's topic. It was "Arranging the Numbers". She used simple words to help students understand the lesson well. After that she presented the words "ascending" and "descending". Next, she explained how to arrange the numbers according to ascending and descending order. Then, the students completed the exercises, during that time she walked around and helped the students. Even the homeroom teacher helped explain some difficult words in Thai. Before she finished the class, she picked some random students to summarize the lesson. The students were able to arrange the numbers by ascending and descending order correctly. 

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G.6/2 Social Studies Class

Mr. CJ practiced the students how to read the weekly vocabularies, spelled some important words from the previous topic and had them watch a documentary during the first stage of the lesson. After that, he gave a quick quiz to check students comprehension about the previous lesson as a revision exercise. Then, he continued discussing the topic "Christianity" through a PowerPoint Presentation about Jesus and His Disciples. He cited sufficient examples to support the lesson. Students were also encouraged to answer questions from time to time. This made the students to pay more attention during the discussion. Students also highlighted and underlined the important facts to remember. They answered some exercises in their books to check their understanding. The teacher summarized the lesson through a Q&A activity. Most of the students showed good understanding about this lesson. 

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G.5/3 H.E. Lesson

Mr. Felix started the class by leading the students to read aloud the weekly vocabularies followed by dictating 5 key words from their previous lesson. Then, he taught the topic "Puberty" through the aid of TV media. He discussed the body changes in boys and girls when they reach puberty by giving/showing concrete examples for better understanding. While discussing, students answered comprehension questions from time to time. The teacher also taught the class how to read important concepts about the topic. After the discussion, the students answered some exercises in their workbooks through the "Go Together" technique. All showed good understanding of the lesson. Students were able to explain what they learned from the discussion at the end of the lesson. 

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