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After the class have accomplished the conversation activity and reading of weekly vocabularies, they had a spelling quiz of the previous vocabularies they've already learned. After that, Ms. Angelita carried out a revision of the previous lesson through Q&A. Next, she introduced the new topic which is "natural resources" through informative and interesting media materials. The teacher explained every important detail of the lesson in a comprehensive approach. She also taught the students how to read the important terms and the article about natural resources. Students showed good reading development during this stage of the lesson. The teacher also asked comprehension questions from time to time. The learners responded very well and showed great understanding of the subject matter. After the discussion, they proceeded to answer the workbook activities. Students hi-lighted, circled and underlined the important points to remember and answered the exercises too. The teacher supervised the class as they worked on the workbook exercises. The last 5 minutes of the lesson was a thorough revision of the lesson. Students were able to answer all the questions and they even explained the importance of natural resources in their own words. This lesson was carried out effectively and efficiently.